Make it a Valentine’s
to Remember

Two of our finest vintages
– personally selected by
Cameron Douglas MS
– at once in a lifetime prices

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These are the vintages we like to call
“Hard to find, and harder to forget”

The truth is, only 1 in 85 wines Cameron samples will end up in New Zealand Wine Navigator’s cellars. And those that do are typically available only in very small quantities – so they never last long.

Beyond Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand wines earned their international reputation with Sauvignon Blanc – but there’s far more to choose from today. And the best of them, from fresh, vibrant Pinot Gris’ to deep and extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignons, are now just a click away.

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Small Country, Big Reds

Our rich and subtle reds are an ideal match with roast beef, game meats, slow-cooked stews and ragouts. Or a perfect sunset with someone special.

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