The Finest Small Case Production Wines of New Zealand

Our Master Sommelier Cameron Douglas crisscrosses the country seeking out those hard-to-find special vintages that typically get snapped up by the finest restaurants of Europe and the Americas.


These are the vintages we like to call
“Hard to find, and harder to forget”

The truth is, only 1 in 85 wines Cameron samples will end up in New Zealand Wine Navigator’s cellars. And those that do are typically available only in very small quantities – so they never last long.

Beyond Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand wines earned their international reputation with Sauvignon Blanc – but there’s far more to choose from today. And the best of them, from fresh, vibrant Pinot Gris’ to deep and extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignons, are now just a click away.

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Small Country, Big Reds

Our rich and subtle reds are an ideal match with roast beef, game meats, slow-cooked stews and ragouts. Or a perfect sunset with someone special.

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Made by New Zealand

These are the wines you might stumble across on a road trip through New Zealand – limited production vintages that reflect the unique terroir of our Islands.