Private Preserve Wine Preserver

New Zealand

100% Green Gas Based | Suitable For All Wine, Port, Sake, Cognac, Whiskey, Fine Oil And Vinegar

Freshness Preservation: Removes all of the oxygen from an open bottle, keeping the wine oxidation-free, allowing the wine to maintain its bouquet.

Safe and Simple: System uses 100% inert gas (non-toxic,) a balanced mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon to remove all of the oxygen from your opened bottle in four easy steps.

Professionally Recommended: Endorsed by some of the worlds best-known wine critics and used by restaurateurs and wineries around the world; the essential wine accessory, second in importance only to the corkscrew.

Re-cork and Store: Re-cork Immediately after spraying wine Preserver and store upright to keep the protective layer of preserving gas on the surface of the wine.

Incredible Value: 120 uses in each can; an easy affordable way to enjoy fine wine by the glass.

Winemaker's notes


VarietyNon-Wine ColorOther Case size12