July 11, 2022

California Wine Festivals Welcome Guests with No 1 Family Estate

New Zealand Wine Navigator is delighted to announce
No 1 Family Estate Cuvée Méthode Traditionelle honored as the
“first sip” of the California Wine Festivals.

Event locations: Dana Point and Carlsbad, and upcoming Santa Barbara, 15-16 July and Huntington Beach, 11-12 November.

At the Sunset Tasting on Friday night, guests are welcomed with a glass of No 1 Family Estate Cuvée Méthode Traditionelle. Fresh and crisp on the palette, with flavors of grapefruit and apple, lemon and autolysis undertones. What better way to begin a summer evening?

California Wine Festivals typically celebrate fine wines and culinary offerings from California, but for the past 5 years New Zealand Wine Navigator has been showcasing a range of outstanding New Zealand wines that are all available in the USA.

The upcoming Santa Barbara event will be held at Chase Palm Park - Carousel House, Friday, July 15 6:30-9pm and beach side on Saturday July 16 12-4pm. Thousands of wine lovers pour into Santa Barbara’s sun-splashed beachside location for a day of sun, sea, wine, food, and music.

No 1 Family Estate specializes in one perfect style, you are guaranteed a glass that overflows with passion, and tastes like liquid gold. For almost 40 years, Champagne maker Daniel Le Brun has had one goal – to make Méthode Traditionelle wines that rival the best in the world, and to do it from Marlborough, New Zealand. Daniel’s winemaking roots date back to 1648 from Champagne, France where his family have been making wine for twelve generations. Also available in the No 1 Family Estate range on www.nzwinenav.com, No 1 Rosé Méthode Traditionelle NV and No 1 Assemblé Méthode Traditionelle NV.

California Wine Festivals are the perfect weekend getaway for any wine lover, and New Zealand Wine Navigator is delighted to be supplying the ‘’first sip’’ of the event.

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