Forrest Wines

Just outside of Renwick in Marlborough, John and Brigid Forrest have been crafting wines since the late 1980’s.

Returning to family roots and generations of farming in the Marlborough region seemed a natural progression for the couple after successful careers in scientific research and medicine. So the young family returned from living and working overseas amongst the burgeoning wine industries of California and South Australia to get a start on a fairly green New Zealand wine industry.

The first vintage for Forrest Wines came in 1990, when an over-filled red wine fermenter “accident” resulted in a trophy winner Merlot Rosé.

Fast forward almost 30 years; many awards and accolades, five labels and vineyards across the country. Forrest is set for generations.

"Grape growing and winemaking is an exacting science, however it must have the artistic touch to give the wines ‘soul’."
– John and Brigid Forrest


The Winemaker

Winemaker Beth Forrest holds a Masters in Oenology from Adelaide University and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, vibrancy, youth and an infectious passion for winemaking.

Beth is dedicated to continuing the innovative, cutting edge and the sometimes mad scientist theories that have made Forrest what it is today.

Beth Forrest

Winemaker - Forrest Wines