November 23, 2020

The best Thanksgiving food and wine pairings

Check out our Thanksgiving food & wine pairings!

If you’re looking for specific food and wine pairing this Thanksgiving, the team here at New Zealand Wine Navigator has put together their favorite pairings to add that “something special” to your celebrations.

Happy Thanksgiving & Cheers!

Top wines for turkey

Pinot Noir is the classic accompaniment for your Thanksgiving turkey. The hints of cherry and spice in the 2014 Alex Gold Pinot Noir make it our top pick for your dinner table this year.

If you’re looking for something a little different, Pinot Gris is the unsung hero of Thanksgiving wine – it’s our top choice if you prefer white wine.

Stuffing & cornbread

The savory qualities in our 2017 Brightwater Nelson Pinot Noir will complement the flavors of most stuffings perfectly, while the buttery, sweet flavors of cornbread pair beautifully with our 2014 Mills Reef Elspeth Chardonnay

Pies & dessert

For that something sweet at the end of the meal… If you’re serving pumpkin pie we recommend the 2015 Brightwater Lord Rutherford Barrique Chardonnay, while the 2010 Ostler Blue House Vines Riesling and apple pie and ice cream are a match made in heaven.