November 02, 2021

Cranberry Compote

Cranberry compote is your secret super sauce that pairs well with sweet treats! This recipe incorporates your favourite whiskey of choice, with ginger and orange to give it that extra zing!  

This recipe is provided by internationally acclaimed Michelin star chef, Matt Lambert. Lambert recently returned to his home country of New Zealand after a successful stay in the United States. Whilst living in the United States, Lambert opened his New Zealand inspired restaurant The Musket Room in New York during 2013. This venue earned Lambert his Michelin star, which was one of his childhood dreams. 

Lambert prides himself on the ability to draw from his Kiwi roots, whilst creating innovative, world class dishes. His recipes celebrate fresh produce and high quality ingredients, they are honest, approachable and indicative of his Kiwi upbringing.


yields: 3 quarts (12cups) 

3oz whiskey 
5pounds of frozen cranberries 
1 qt Orange Juice 
12 oranges-peeled and diced 
2 quarts - granulated sugar
1 thumb ginger - micro plane
1 thumb ginger - micro plane 
1 thumb galangal - micro plane 
1T salt 

Tea bag:
Peels of 3 Oranges
20g all spice
20g cloves
4 pieces cinnamon
10g star anise
1 bunch thyme
2 bay leaf


Combine all but the cranberries and simmer for 20 minutes. Add cranberries, cook until tender and they begin to pop. Take the cranberries off the heat.

- Peel and dice oranges
- Combine all except cranberries and simmer for 2 hours
- Add cranberries and cook until they pop
- Take off the heat and drain in a perforated hotel pan
- Puree 1/2 and combine 
- Add 4oz liquid back in