Welcome to a land of open spaces, where the pure elements are embodied in every drop of wine. Marlborough is located at the very northern point of the South Island and it’s a unique spot to be growing grapes. With over 23,000 hectares of grapes under vine, Marlborough is responsible for 76% of NZ’s wine production, include our much acclaimed NZ Sav Blancs. It’s been said that there is no wine anywhere in the world that tastes like the wine of Marlborough, with its balance of extraordinary purity and intensity of flavours. The warm, dry summers and cool-to-freezing night time temperatures make these wines truly unique.

A Foodie Paradise

Marlborough is made up of two sub regions: the Wairau Valley & the Awatere Valley. Wairau is the bigger of the two and tends to have warmer and richer soils, crafting juicy fruit-driven wines with tropical flavours. The Awatere valley is slightly cooler, crafting more herbaceous wines with higher acidity.

Days spent here are filled with wine tastings, brunches & lunches at any one of the 33 cellar doors. Explore the native bush, look out for tui, bellbirds, fantails and the native kingfisher. Find joy in the vines at the annual Marlborough Wine & Food festival. For craft beer aficionados, there are boutique breweries to visit. International chefs are drawn to the high quality ingredients and lifestyle here, cooking up plenty of succulent seafood: King (Chinook) salmon, scallops, crayfish, Greenshell Mussels, oysters, clams, blue cod and snapper. YUM!