Ancient mountains, vast open terrain, alpine herb fields, fast flowing rivers, lakes and deep gorges make Central Otago one of a kind. Mining for gold was the draw card back the 1800’s, but today it is the iconic Pinot Noir that is crafted here. At 46° S, Central Otago is the most spectacular southern wine making region in the world! Home to over 80 wineries, its an exciting area with a rich, gold mining heritage, a change of seasons like no other, and the tranquility that comes with only 11, 000 inhabitants. Whether it’s wine, seafood on the doorstep or locally grown fruit and veggies, Central Otago has the ingredients to make any wine & food lover happy. To relax and unwind in Central Otago is not hard.

The real adventure is the Pinot Noir!

The beauty in the wines from Central Otago come from each of it’s six subregions, each with its own unique expression. The summers are hot and dry, and the winters crisp and snowy. Soil structures here are much different to other parts of the South Island, formed over ice ages as the glaciers ground schist rocks to a fine flour. The result is a low-vigour soil high in mineral richness.

Queenstown, the world’s friendliest city (as voted by Conde Nast Traveller), is found on the region’s fringe. On the shores of Lake Wakatipu, surrounded by the snowcapped Southern Alps, Queenstown is NZ’s premier tourist destination.

Awaken the adventurous spirit within you and enjoy bungy jumping, paraponting, base jumping , jet boating and white water rafting. For the indoorsy type, take advantage of the great fine dining and luxury shops….and, of course, the glorious wines!

Wines from Central Otago